The Intelligent Sales Engagement solution that improves the productivity, visibility and effectiveness of teams in a way CRM and AI alone cannot.

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Why Playbooks?

Playbooks guides reps to focus on the accounts, people and opportunities that will actually generate revenue. Playbooks does this by prioritizing a reps daily tasks and enables AI driven engagement.

How it Works

Sales Engagement Beyond Cadence

Digital and data transformation have changed the way we buy and sell. Playbooks reverses the disruption with Real Data, empowering teams to build better pipeline and create long-term customer value.


Playbooks helps teams scale with structure and speed using Plays, enforcing best practices in immediacy, persistency and consistency. Contacts, accounts and opportunities can be auto enrolled and tasks can be assigned to any channel or custom activity for any space of time. Playbooks keeps reps focused on multiple accounts and people, each assigned to different Plays with different steps so you’ll never worry about whether or not your reps are doing enough.


Playbooks gives managers and leaders empirical data insights to help them improve their processes and performance. All activities and record changes auto sync into native CRM reports, which preserves data integrity across the organization and enables leaders to generate holistic views of the entire revenue machine. With these holistic views, you can more accurately evaluate gaps in your business and have confidence in how to effectively hit your numbers.


Playbooks scores the accounts, people and opportunities most likely to generate revenue. Teams can prioritize daily sales tasks by score, through custom sorts of customer data, or by a combination of both. It also optimizes engagement by enriching your applicable contact data with verified data, by recommending additional people in the decision making group to influence even if they’re not in CRM, and even by scheduling emails when people are most likely to respond.


Real Data Features

Data enrichment; account, people and opportunity targeting; custom and AI-based prioritization; smart data append; smart account mapping; smart email send and more to come


Custom and shareable contact strategies with phone, email, social and SMS; engage by score, priority level, health, or other custom rules


Auto enroll accounts, people, and opportunities into Plays; auto disposition activities; auto update CRM; alerts to additional required actions; auto inbound call routing and more

Complete CRM Sync

A complete two-way sync of all activities and record changes between Playbooks and CRM

Email Tracking

Patented email tracking with the most comprehensive capabilities, including: opens, link clicks, attachments, downloads, multi-recipient and forwards

Calendaring & Appointment Scheduling

Embedded calendaring in emails processed in Playbooks; embedded and intuitive appointment scheduling built into workflows

Call Recording & Monitoring

Internationally compliant monitoring and recording, with flexibility to record only the reps or turn off recording based on area code

Global LocalPresence

Displays local numbers to prospects dialed in the US, Canada, and Europe to increase the likelihood of connecting with prospects

Inbound Routing

Routes callers to the best rep; custom inbound call paths give managers flexibility to improve call experiences


Natively built gamification capabilities with leaderboards drive productivity and keeps reps motivated

Immediate Response

Automatically connects reps in real-time to the best new leads, increasing the likelihood of connecting by a factor of 10