Overcoming Cold Calling Objections

Break barriers with One Simple Strategy

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Cold calling for a living? You probably don’t get very far into your call when you hear your first objection. At this point in the conversation, the prospect starts to blow you off for a variety of reasons: not enough time, not enough interest, not enough money, etc.

Most people think you need a different answer for each objection, but that’s not true. All you need is a plan or strategy to overcome customer objections, and it’s actually very simple to create it.

In this webinar, Jason McElhone, Director of Inside Sales at MarketSource and VP of Growth at XANT, Gabe Larsen, discuss the power of cold calling and the best methods for overcoming objections.


The number one method for overcoming objections on a cold call
The strategic points of a cold call and how reps are using them to win
What makes for a good cold call and why great reps realize cold calling is not dead

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