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Cold calling is not dead, although new sales technology like click-to-call dialers and predictive, or power dialers have made things a lot easier since the Rolodex age. There is a lot of hype these days behind marketing automation and AI virtual sales assistants. But with a conversion rate of 6.3%, the cold call isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Predictive dialers and AI-powered lead scoring might help you place the right call, but it’s the call sequence and the value you create that will get you a meeting.

XANT has collected data on billions of sales transactions, and using the power of predictive algorithms, we know exactly which call sequences are more likely to get you the win.


How you can bring value to any cold call you’re making
How to get a customer to commit his time to listening, with an offer he can’t refuse
Why a personalized question is the secret to getting a prospect’s attention

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