Solutions for Sales

XANT helps Sales teams focus their efforts on the right activities and optimize engagement to build more closeable pipeline.

Sales Managers

Sales Managers want confidence to hit their targets while empowering teams to be effective sellers. By providing visibility into their reps’ performances, we enable Managers to standardize workflows and best practices to ensure consistent efforts on the best accounts, leads and opportunities.

Team Management

Organize and scale multiple teams by rep type or workflow; configure custom KPI’s by group; easily provision new reps and assign permissions


Auto sync activity to CRM to track and analyze rep activity; auto enroll leads with triggers to prompt rep action; auto route inbound calls to the right reps


Structure rep engagement around known best practices with templates, prompts, and snippets to keep reps organized and productive


Set up custom prioritization sorts based on your data and rules, our scores or a combination of both to keep reps focused on critical sales activities


A native gamification engine built directly into Playbooks keeps reps motivated with daily challenges, leaderboards and goals

Native CRM Reporting

See real-time rep performance and activity, know which actions lead to the best outcomes so you can optimize what works